Sunday, December 03, 2006

Me Thinks I've Got the Flu

And I'm kicking myself for not having got my flu shot yet this year.

We've got full body ache, hot and shivers, woozy feeling, heart palpitations, coughing, and upset feeling stomach. Plus, I'm way over emotional and have been crying though all of the cheesy Christmas related commercials on TV, not to mention the touching Studio 60 Christmas special. That's clearly not healthy.

I think my body was telling me something last Sunday when I woke up with the swollen feeling face and sore throat. But, being silly that way, I fought through it and went to work for 6 days straight - fooling myself into thinking I was ok. But, my body has decided that this day off today was time to get its own back, and now I'm all sicky again.

Stupid Winter.

Yes this post was written by the same person as the last one... let's put it down to flu related multiple personality disorder, a newly discovered disease.


kidletsmum said...

Poor MadJenny! Call in sick and get some extra sleep.

Maggie said...

Don't feel too bad about not getting a flu shot. My cousin's healthy 28 year old husband got a flu shot in November and a week after the shot almost died from encephalitis - a virus that only attacks people with a compromised immune system. Of course, the doctors are saying the flu shot had nothing to do with it. But I don't believe them. I think that flu shot compromised his immune system and made him susceptible to a virus that normally a healthy young man would never get.

MadJenny said...

That is horrid about your cousin-in-law! A definite cautionary tale, which I am happy to see he survived to tell.