Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Full Fledged Bunny Freak-Out

I don't know if the bunny has colic like Baby K, or if she just really really hates the new bedding I got for her, but we just had a full-on, hour long bunny tantrum here. I've never seen anything like it.

See, I've been panicked about her getting sick while she's with me. So, I've probably been cleaning out the stuff in her cage more than necessary, and therefore using more bedding wood chip things than necessary. So, I was almost out, and I went out today and got some new. They didn't have the kind she's been using, so I got the closest thing I could find. Turns out it wasn't close enough. The minute the little lady got into her cage she started digging through it like mad and kicking it around. Then she started scrabbling around trying to get out. And jumping up to push on the top of the cage.

So, I took her out, and took some of the new stuff out, and put in some of her dirty stuff, thinking it might help her get used to the new. But no, she started kicking up a fuss again the moment she was back in the cage. And this time, I hadn't latched the top properly, and she managed to push the lid open and actually launch herself out of the cage. Clearly not a happy bunny.

So now, she is back with the dirty wood chips, and hopefully settled. I'll have to check on her again soon though. It is after 1:00 a.m. This is a cautionary tale. Only clean an animal's cage early in the day.

Some pics from slightly less annoyed times:

Having a look around on hind legs.

Helping me with cleaning the cage.

Playing with her new chew toy.

A week with me will make a reader of anyone.

Hey, I know. A lot of bunny pics. Just remember, the rest of you have lot's of baby pics.


ru said...

and before it was baby pics, there were kitty pics, so really, i am the last to judge!

she is a very cute bunny, though. how long do you have her?

MadJenny said...

They're picking her up today while I'm at work.

She's coming back at Christmas though.

kidletsmum said...

I LOOOOOVE the bunny pics! She is so cute! Sorry she didn't like her wood chips though.
Hope there are no mid-night bunny tantrums over Christmas though. Santa might assumer that it means your whole household is on the naughty list. OH NO!!!

MadJenny said...

Even though I have no interest in owning a caged animal (and my building doesn't allow it anyway) I kind of miss her now that she's gone. Funny how that works.