Thursday, December 07, 2006

Baby Update

So this evening after work, A, J, E, and I drove through a snowstorm (or actually I drove, thank goodness as I am probably the most nervous passenger in the bunch) to Newmarket to visit M,R, and baby E. at the hospital. We were very very naughty and all 4 of us crowded into the room with M and R. The visit ended when a scary nurse came and gave us very very evil looks. I hope she doesn't take out the obvious anger on the mommies and baby...

Anyway. The baby. Is precious. He has the most perfect little button nose imaginable, and he was red rather that purple, and didn't look scary and alien like, despite the whole being overcooked and in labour for many hours thing. And, he let each of us take a turn holding him (without crying) and he had the most perfect baby smell. I love baby smell. Clean baby smell that is.

And M. looked good despite yesterday/today's ordeal. I expect a very quick recovery there.

So that is that. I want one.


kidletsmum said...

Thanks fo the update MadJenny!!! I can't wait to meet little E too!!!

ru said...

m here.

thanks for saying i looked good. i feel mostly like i have been hit by a mack truck, and it is more than a little bit frustrating to be too sore to actually hold ecbcp without him being supported by a pillow, but he was worth it.

thanks so much for coming up to the hospital to visit!

MadJenny said...

You're welcome!

Hope the sore calms down enough to let you hold the little guy soon.