Sunday, December 17, 2006

Baby ECBCP (Lemur)

Yesterday several of the library aunties got to visit baby ECBCP (which is very hard to spell, so I might go back to Lemur). And, of course, we also got to visit the two darling mommies and a lovely Oma. It was a super night. M is looking so teeny tiny compared to the last couple months, and both mommies are so sweet with their little Lemur. It was also very nice to meet M's mom, the proud Oma. We ate some yummy chinese take-away, and toasted little E with a glass of Champagne. There was a lot of chatter, and a lot of passing the baby around. And we exchanged some gifts. Thanks for the necklace and red pepper jelly ladies! Sadly I failed to take my camera, but he is an exceedingly well documented baby, so the event can be viewed here and here. I rather like the picture of me and the lemur (thanks ru for cutting out the boobiness of the thing... It is lovely to see friends so happy in life.

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