Thursday, November 02, 2006


One of my favourite kids came into the library this afternoon wearing a black hat with a paper "Z" taped to it and a black mask (as well as his own little black jeans and a long-sleeved black T-shirt). His mom said that he insisted on wearing his halloween costume to the library so he could show it to his "friend" - Me! I love 4 year olds! I going to miss little D.

Then again toddler storytime was a terrifying mess of 2 year olds hepped up on Halloween candy, running about bashing into each other and crying. I'm not going to miss that.

Speaking of Halloween costumes, I never posted a pic of the first pumpkin to be carved by me in approximately 10 years. It wasn't very creative, but it was all mine...

I carved while watching an extremely overdue copy of Memoirs of a Geisha. This movie proved incredibly boring, despite the fact that the book is beautiful and moving. Oh well, the scenery way lovely, as were the costumes.

And also on the subject of Halloween, check out this horror that arrived in the mail yesterday:

Yikes that's bad stuff! But, it was all in retaliation for an equally horrifying Thanksgiving card that I sent, so there you go. You've got to love donkey puns.

And, in further "I'm not Martha" news, check out the terrible upside down spider cupcakes I (with some crucial and very creative help from R) came up with (at the front of the table):
As opposed to the actual Martha version pictured here.


kidletsmum said...

Those look like yummy spider cupcakes to me!

MadJenny said...

Thanks! Tasty they were. Artsy they were not.

ru said...

i beg to differ. i think they were lovely. because, as m constantly reminds me, the only good spider is a dead spider. at least if the spider is in your bathroom.

Maggie said...

I *love* that card! And, mmm, your cupcakes look delish! :D