Sunday, November 05, 2006

Royal Winter Rodeo Baby!

So today was the big day - the much anticipated trip to the Royal Winter Agricultural Fair and most importantly to Rodeo Day at the Fair!

We saw barrel racing, bareback and saddle bronc riding, bull-riding, and more, in what was apparently the roughest and toughest contest this side of Alberta! As well as the the IAMS SuperDogs.

This was my first ever Rodeo. It might be my last. That Bull riding is just way too stressful.

Some highlights included this guy, whose name I can't remember, although this might also have been Tommie Turvey (below) who rode really really fast while standing on two horses who were going in circles and stuff. Totally crazy. And this guy whose name is almost definitely Tommie Turvey. He's a dressage artist. His horse is unbelievable - it has perfect comic timing and was way way funnier than the rodeo clown (who was not funny and told a lot of inappropriate mother-in-law jokes).
As for the rodeo, people must actually be crazy to want to ride on the back of a 2000 pound bucking bull, trying not to get thrown off for at least 8 seconds, only to have to move away really really quickly in order not to get trampled or speared if they fall off. There was one guy who did it twice in the show because the first time his bull calmed down too quickly! Insane!

As for the bucking horses, they are crazy enough. I'm not sure if the bareback or the saddle broncs were more stressful.

But, stress aside, it was totally cool and I'm glad to have seen it. The ladies' barrel racing was also neat - the person who won did the course in 15.63 seconds and the next in line was way back at over 16 seconds.

Then came the Superdogs. Who were hilarious. If you ever get to see them I fully recommend the experience. They had a jumping competition for the tall dogs, and races for the smaller ones. And their annoucers were dressed in complementary teal and yellows suits - totally flamboyant. It was very funny.

More to come on giant vegetables, Llamas, and Alpacas.

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