Monday, November 06, 2006

Royal Overgrown Squash

Blogger being what it is, it stopped uploading pictures yesterday before I got to this. And really, you need the pictures. Below is a (slightly blurred because I got jostled) picture of R. posing with a 965 pound pumpkin. The one that came in third weighed in at a meezly 913 pounds. The thing that really concerns me about this is - how does one go about picking a 1000 pound squash? And what does one do with it once it has been picked? Does one hollow it out and live inside like poor Mrs. McNosh? Do you cut it up and freeze it? And how does one actually transport one of these babies to the fair? And, how did it ever get that big in the first place?

And, not to be outdone by a pumpkin, this Turkish Turban, posing alongside me, is a Guiness Book of World Records squash, weighing in at 86 pounds. Man oh man. That's some crazy squash.

After admiring the squash for a bit, we mosied on over to the Llama and Alpaca Education Centre to find out a little more about 2 of the funniest mammals around. I entered a contest draw where the person who guessed closest to the right weight of wool produced by an Alpaca in a given year will win some alpaca wool - fingers crossed.

So that is that, another successful trip to the land of rural bliss. For 2 suburban kids who have never had a pet larger than a Guinea Pig, it is pretty darn exciting. And funny.

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