Friday, November 24, 2006

A NaBloPoMo Failure, I suppose

Well, I was doing pretty well until this week, when I seemed to lose focus and drive on the whole posting every day thing. I just don't have that much to say that would be of any interest to anyone except myself.

For the last week, I do have some stuff of note to report.

On Saturday, I got to meet baby K - featured on In My Kitchen - who is an absolutely precious baby, and completely friendly. Sadly, I was so caught up in looking at her and getting to hold her and play with her that I forgot to take any pictures. I will say though that if that whole lactose intolerance thing doesn't pan out and she does wind up on EBay, I'll be in there bidding with the best of them.

On Monday, my library got a visit from a 6'9" ex-pro basketball player (which is very tall, but not quite as tall as my friend N who is 6'10" and not a basketball player because his knees won't hack it and he's a white guy so he probably can't jump, if we believe that movie). The "Recycling Cat" was totally cool and had the kids eating out of the palm of his very large hands. He also had a $70,000 watch that some company gave to him as a promotional gift. I think I need a job where you can get that kind of gift.

Today (or maybe yesterday by the time this is posted) is the very inapprropiate K's Birthday - so Happy Birthday!

I've done some reading:

Finding Cassidy, by Laura Langston
Cassidy's father is diagnosed with a hereditary and lethal disease, which leads to her discovery that he is not her biological father. Angst ensues. It is very angsty. But, it is well-written angst.

Juvie, by Paul Kropp
A High Interest, low literacy YA/Canadian moralistic truish-seeming tale of a young man in a juvenile detention facility. This is not one of my favourite Paul Kropp entries. However, it might have an audience for reluctant readers who fancy themselves tough.

And now I'm taking a break from my hectic YA reading schedule to reread some of the Chronicles of Avonlea. Mostly because I am overtired and overemotional, and they are like comfort food. Very safe, comfortable, old friends.

Last night I had to scrape the frost off my window before I could drive home. Welcome Winter. I look forward to your departure.

That is all for now - but KJB, I am alive and well. Just boring.

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kidletsmum said...

You are not boring! I thought that was a wonderful post! I love hearing about your life since I'm no longer there to get daily updates.