Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Municipal Elections

Municipal elections strike me as being a bit of a joke. Not a very good joke. Not funny in the least. But not serious. Not as weighty as they ought to be. Not as important as they should be.

Take, for example, the Toronto election. People actually vaguely cared about the mayoral candidates. Most people on the street might at least have heard of the top two, if not three, candidates. But there were actually 38 candidates! The supposed race turned into a landslide for the incumbent. Which is fine with me, I voted for him. But, still - only 584484 people voted. That is only approximately 24% voter turnout (if my math is right, which it might not be).

But then there are all the other elections that form part of the municipal elections - city councillors and school trustees.

In my ward, there were three candidates for councillor. One of them - the incumbent - sent around information. Neither of the other two did. In an Internet search I discovered that one of these two candidates was an anti-tax, family value, actor taking a break for politics, and the other was a non-entity - basically did not exist in the electronic world. Now, the incumbent is a progressive conservative, which makes my skin crawl a little. But, I voted for her. Why? Because she seemed to be the only non-yahoo running. So now I have broken all moral and ethical stances and voted conservative. eww.

And then there are the school trustees. Again there were three candidates. Not one of them sent round any information. Only one of them had a web presence, and it was not the incumbent. So, I voted for the one with a web presence because I figured that at least she cared enough to try to get the word out about her candidacy. She didn't win. The incumbent, who didn't seem to campaign at all did.

And then we wonder why school boards are underfunded, municipal projects have problems getting completed, the municipalities can't stand up for themselves in the face of the provincial governments, and etc. Baah.

And finally, I would like to take a moment to mourn for my hometown of Burlington who has, for some mysterious and sinister reason, elected disgraced MPP Scam Jackson as Mayor. What are you people thinking? Sure, he's good at photo ops. But he's a lying cheating scumbag. Le sigh. Mayor Rob - why didn't you run again? You could have beat his tanned behind.


Maggie said...

Ha! I had just the opposite problem in London. Every time I turned around there was someone at my door or someone calling me. Not to mention the clutter of signs *everywhere*. I'm just glad it's over, and mostly everyone I voted for got in. :)

MadJenny said...

Funny how that works. I would have been happy to not have to go digging for names, and you could have done with less in your facedness. You'd think there would be a happy medium in there somewhere.