Sunday, November 12, 2006

The First Christmas Party of the Year


Now, ordinarily I am somewhat against starting Christmas celebrations quite this early. I'd rather hold off until the start of Advent. I find the playing of Christmas tunes in stores the day after Halloween a little distressing. But, a Christmas obsessed friend likes to get started the day after Remembrance Day, so tonight we were there, singing some Christmas carols, eating Christmasy treats, and trimming the Tree.
And the Christmas obsessed Angel herself:
She is going to be so happy with me for posting that little pic...

We had yummy curry cooked by J.G. and a yummy Williams and Sonoma marshmallow cake by r. with help from very pregnant m.

And, since it was a Christmas event, there needed to be goodies and toys on the table. A. provided Chinese Yo-yos. They are super fun. I highly recommend them for parties and gatherings. Below are A and JG having sword fight with theirs.

You may notice J.L. flaked out on the floor - covered with 2 blankets while the rest of us were overheated. A clear cautionary tale against being allergic to cats in a house with cats. So, don't get allergies.


kidletsmum said...

Oh. NOw I am really, really, really missing all of you. I wish I was still working with you all. And playing. And hanging out. What a happy library family. At least I have MadJenny Flint's MadTales to keep me in the loop!

MadJenny said...

We wish you could have been there too! And the Kidlet probably would have liked the chinese yoyos. It is so cool that she's walking!