Monday, October 09, 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving Canadians!

This has been a very busy weekend! It started Friday with a surprise 35th Wedding Anniversary for my aunt and uncle B&R, put on by my cousins at the family home. That would be my dad's sister and her husband. This is them cutting their lovely cake, beside the delectable chocolate fondue.

And this is the cousins - the girl on the right is 5 weeks older than me, and they go down in age from there.

Then Saturday we closed up the cottage for the winter - put up shutters, emptied water tanks, took the water pipe out of the lake, etc. It is always somewhat depressing, but the day was so beautiful that it was all good. And, I got to be all manly and tool-toting and do things like take part of the sink pipe off to empty the water out - never get to do all that stuff when more of the boys are around. It felt very useful.

From there, it was off to my aunt and uncle B&D's chalet (my mom's sister and her husband) for Thanksgiving and hiking on the ski hills of Caledon. There was much turkey and pumpkin pie eaten. Much walking up and down hills done. Much hilarity. All in all - a good time.

Dang that blogger picture problem - I have a funny picture to post that is just going to have to wait.


kidletsmum said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Jenn! We had some salsa to celebrate. Really.

MadJenny said...

Happy thanksgiving to you too! Salsa seems quite festive. Can you get pumpkin over there?