Sunday, October 22, 2006

Some Commentary and National Blog Posting Month

I just reread Little House on the Prairie for the first time in about 20 years. I have to say, I had no memory of the actual extent of discussion of "Indians" in the book, or of the sheer negativity of that discussion. I knew it was considered a book that needed a good deal of parental guidance about history, but I was bowled over by the fact that I hadn't remembered the horror of it. Wow.

And the prose is really stilted. But the details about historical tools and such are neat.

And, thanks to the Dabbler for pointing out National Blog Posting Month.

I think I just may try it. After all, there sure is enough going on that month that I ought to have something to say. I could use some writing discipline (ok, I could use some discipline - period). However, I am a little concerned that I'll turn into Miss Bates and be sure to say three very dull things as soon as I open my mouth, or in this case, hit the keyboard.

Anything that speaks Yodaese to sell itself is cool with me.

And, let's take a moment to consider the brilliant politicians we have here in Canada.

  1. Our first genius had the misfortune of dating a fellow member of parliament, only to be publicly deserted when she crossed the floor to join the other party - talk about dissing! What does he do - he takes a 2 hour plane ride home so that he can be photographed moping in his garden, and then flies back to Ottawa the same day. Classy! And now, he has topped his earlier glory by calling his ex a "dog" in the House of Commons. Way to go Peter!!!! That's the way to show everyone what they missed when they voted for good old Demon-eyes Harper instead of you! If you have somehow missed the story, I direct your attention to the following Globe and Mail article. Name calling as front page news. Unbelievable.
  2. And speaking of Peter's ex. Do you suppose anyone would care who Belinda dated if she wasn't 2 things - a multi-millionaire heir to the Stronach name, and a woman?? Please people. She's not the first politician to be involved in an extra-marital affair. And really, why is she one of the most talked about people on the Hill? What has she ever actually done?
  3. And finally, the biggest soap opera reveal of the week on Parliament Hill - the Conservative Party publicly dumps Garth Turner, and suddenly he becomes a man of the people, extremely popular spokesperson for free speech! People have not forgotten that this guy was a Conservative member of parliament, right? I totally love that his website url is "". What a man of the people he is. He's like a total pop-prince these days. Ridiculous!

It has been a great week for silly politics here in Canada. But, then, all of this raises 2 important issues:

  1. Why is it ok in a place of public debate to speak crassly about your opponents. Where is the politeness and decorum? Did none of you learn the proper rules of debate before you were elected? And, if our foreign representative is speaking like this in Canada, what is he doing when he is representing us elsewhere?
  2. Most importantly - what is going on in our country if the Prime Minister feels such a huge need to muzzle the members of his caucus? What else aren't we being told? Why is there such huge need for secrecy in the party that was elected on a platform of ethical accountability?

Enough with the politics.

If you missed Studio 60 tonight, you can catch it on the American channel tomorrow, there is quite a touching moment with an old person on speaking about being a comedy writer during the time of the Hollywood blacklist. Makes you wonder if that could happen again, or if all of the people who would have been blacklisted back then have already bowed to pressure, caved, and become imbedded journalists and the like in this, painfully similarly minded regime.

Ok, so now I'm really done with the politics.

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