Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More on a glorious Autumnal Weekend

As I previously mentioned, we were all at my cousin's ski chalet for hiking and turkey. So, on the left are my brothers and I pretending that the ski lift is actually going and we're on a ride. And, on the right, the boys, cousins K and A, and brother G's friend W.

R, flaked out by a scenic fence after scaling our 100th hill of the weekend. I feel that's a fairly artsy photo.

Some beautiful scenery. This is why I love Canada in the Fall.


kidletsmum said...

What gorgeous photos J! I just love the colours. Canada, and especially Ontario, just can't be rivalled for autumn beauty. I miss it soooo much. There's no autumn to speak of here. That is, no colourful trees. It's getting cooler, though mostly only at night. Oh... I would love a little Canadian getaway right now!

MadJenny said...

I'm glad you like them.

Did you get rid of your blog?