Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Lemur's Baby Shower!

Well, I promised to get pictures online tonight, and I will.

This evening was a baby shower for two of the loveliest Mommies to be around!

Aren't they sweet? Shockingly, a librarian gave the librarians a book!

So that was a well behaved picture. But, this is MY personal favourite of R.

And, some general crowd shots:

A and J taking pictures of the mommies while S, J, and K(C? which are you?) look on.

J, J, and J watch the presents, while J and E(you really should change your name to something starting with a J) misbehave.

A lot of people. C, K?C?, A, J, S, C, R, M:

And the other soon to be mommy, the lovely hostess L (with apologies for having failed to get pictures of your shower):

And finally, the scarecrow we knocked up, pictured with K?C? (really must find out how you spell your name - we'll just call you "Check you out, inappropiate!"):

It was a very nice baby shower, and great company. I'm getting really used to the shower things. Who wants to volunteer to go next??? Not me, I can't even keep my plants alive.


kidletsmum said...

I wish I could have been there! It looks like a fabulous shower! What lovely preggos M and L are!!! I wish I could rub their bellies. Not long now til pics of the lemur and the littl M-M should start appearing...

I can't wait!!!

librariana said...

Yep. Gawd do I look huge in that picture. Must get C to get more shots of me before little K pops on out!

MadJenny said...

L - I think you look great!

But yes, you should definitely get more commemorative shots before the arrival of little K.

K - We wish you could have come too. I think little M-M and Lemur will be very well photographed babies so there should be a plethora of items for you to view.