Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Some Catching Up on an at home sick evening

So, first things first - today is my mom's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Little!!!!!

To commemorate - a lovely picture or two from the weekend.

The Little M with her youngest son, when we stopped at the cottage on the way home from the wedding (discussed below). Awwwww.

And, with my D. at the wedding. Aren't they cute? You wouldn't think they're retirees to look at them would you?

So, this weekend was the much anticipated Pirate-themed wedding. Sadly I do not have a good picture of the bride and groom together (although I will once all the other people's pictures start rolling in - thank goodness for digital cameras!). However, the day was lovely. It was in Orillia and it rained on the way there and was gloomy in the early afternoon, but, miraculously, it cleared and was bright and sunny for an outdoor ceremony in the later afternoon. And that was beautiful, despite the wasps. Highlights include - the groom's father (my uncle by marriage) and father's brother co-officiating the ceremony. They did a wonderful job, and having an intimate connection to the people they were marrying made everything they said much more meaningful. Also, the bride's sister, a bridesmaid, was so clearly delighted with the whole thing that she just kept looking around at the congregation smiling and practically giggling with joy - it was infectious.

The bride and groom are both professional performers - the bride is a musician, and the groom is a juggler, so they, along with other friends and family members did performances during the celebration and reception. Below, are the bride and some friends doing some fantastic music.

And Blogger has fully crapped out, deleted images it had uploaded, and refuses to reupload. Grrr. So angry that I'm quitting - plus my ears are ringing a bit, so I'm going to lie down.
There's some funny pirate costume pictures coming up too. grrrr.

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Maggie said...

Oh, wow, that sounds like such a great wedding! (And there's no way your parents look old enough to be retired!) :D