Friday, September 01, 2006

My Furry New Nephew/Niece!

No - it is not an extremely hairy child - it is a bunny! It's name is Jerry (Geri?). It is an "it", because we're not sure on the gender yet.
My brother and his girlfriend adopted it a couple of weeks ago, and I met it yesterday.

The proud mommy is my sister-in-sin W.C. "Sister-in-sin" because she and my brother G. (pictured below) have been "living in sin", or cohabitting, for the last few years. I gave her the delightful name because it is funny. And, because we don't like the word "girlfriend" or "boyfriend" but they're not married. So, we were trying to find a suitable alternative, and couldn't. Don't worry, I don't call her that in front of her parents. Also, don't worry, we don't actually think it is "sin".

The kids moved to Kingston today so that W. can start her Masters at Queens. Le sigh, that's too far away. But, how cute is the bunny?
Update - Little Jer, enjoyed the move and is aclimatizing well to the new apartment. He's even started playing outside his "resort" sized cage. Eventually he's going to be house trained so he can live outside the cage all the time.

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Maggie said...

Sister-in-sin, I like that! Much spicier than girlfriend. ;)