Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It just goes to show

They that whine, get heard. By someone. Perhaps the fates.

So I was over at Miss A's for dinner on Sunday, whinging on about dresses, when Miss A. says "I might have a dress that would work". I scoffed. Miss A. is significantly thinner than me. But, this is an old dress. It is a classic cut, so it is not out of style, but it is from before she became quite the svelte thing she is now. So, I tried it on. And, it fit! Yay! Thank you miss A.

The only problem was, that it is a bit low cut, and none of my bras were going to work. So back to the shops I went. AND, when I was there, I found another dress that I liked, that fit. So, now I have 2 dresses to choose from!

This is not to say that I am not still completely disgusted by dressmakers in general though.

And, for the edification of the crowd, an inappropriate moment from work this evening:

A man who comes to the library quite regularly with his 6.5 year old daughter, while I was in the shelves with the 2 of them finding books for her project:
Man: "You know what would really work well with that shirt you're wearing"
Me: "what's that?"
Man: "If you did the top button up and wore it with a tuxedo jacket"
(note - it is a white button up shirt with some ribs and lacy stuff down the front, that I was wearing under a black velour-type jacket)
Me: (demonstrating by pulling the collar together) actually, it doesn't have a top button
(the collars stay together)
Man: well don't cover up (as he reaches over and actually pulls the collars back to lower than where they were, rests hand momentarily in the collar region, then rubs hand down arm in an icky caressing way, pausing at the elbow)
Me: (starting to back away) well, um, ...
Man: (staring at my chest, then realizing that I notice, moves eyes to where the nametag that says "librarian" is) they should really put your names on those things.
Me: (frantically pulling as many books on her topic off the shelf as possible for the daughter as quickly as possible so as to escape) yes, maybe...
Man: (reaching out and grabbing my hand off the book I'm about to deshelve) I'm ________ and my daughter is ________ and your name is?
Me: I'm J_____ (trying to disengage hand which he is now rubbing slightly with his thumb)
When finally the daughter spoke up with a question, and I was freed from the grasp if not the uncomfortable eye contact.

so uncomfortable. In front of the daughter. Clearly not the right place to try that kind of behaviour. One hopes that he is at least divorced and not behaving that way in front of the kid while married to her mom. But ewwww.

And finally, a small complaint about allergies and colds. My head is so stuffed up today! And, I can't tell if it is just the allergies, or if a cold is taking over. I'm not sure which drugs to take. Neither seem to be doing much except making me drowsy.

Book review to follow, drowsiness permitting.


kidletsmum said...

Yay on the dress. But YIKES!!! about the creepy man with his kid! Was it at the library where I used to work? (You are there now, right???) I used to have a creepy dude with daughter there too... but actually, his daughter was probably 8 and that was over a year ago... Where do these men get their ideas???
Yay again on the dress!

MadJenny said...

It was at the library where you used to work. I have found that there are a few creepy ones there, more than at the other places I've worked. There's actually one that I won't help - I always make the male coworker deal with him. If this one keeps this up he might get relegated to that category too.