Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Agony first:

An open letter to dressmakers everyhwere

Dear Dressmakers:

Not all women wear A cup bras. In fact, very few women wear A cup bras. In fact, most of the women you see walking down the street have moderate to substantial breasts sticking out from their upper chest area. What does this have to do with you? You only make dresses for the A cups. Because you like how the material hangs? Because people with breasts shouldn't wear dresses anyway? What is the reasoning?
A person who wears a size 10 dress will most likely have some breasts hanging out up there. She would like to be able to get them into the dress. She should not have to go up to a size 14 or 16 in order to get them squeezed in (only to have the rest of the dress hang off of her like a bad curtain). She should not look like a horrifying skeezy mess with the things popping out everywhere when she does get into a dress that fits the rest of her.
So please. Please lovely dressmakers. A little more fabric at the top would be great. Just a little will suffice. Think C cup, rather than A cup. Or even D cup sometimes would be great I'm sure.

Large breasted women everywhere.

I thought curves were meant to be coming back into fashion. Alas, not soon enough. I need a dress to wear to a family wedding. This is proving very very difficult. And I can't find a skirt and top set that isn't horribly matronly.

3.5 hours at several malls today alone. arrrrggggghhhh.

The Ecstasy:

September is a magnificent month for driving with the windows down and the music playing loudly with the wind blowing through your hair and making you feel just slightly chilled. Today I've been obsessively listening to, and singing along with, K.D. Lang's beautiful cover of Ron Sexsmith's Fallen, from her absolutely exquisite album, Hymns of the 49th Parallel. The same album that features her earth shattering revisioning of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. This is truly one of the most perfect albums I've ever experienced. How could anyone choose to listen to the Jessica Simpsons, not to mention Paris Hiltons, of the world when there is a voice and a musicality like this in the world. So deep and rich and passionate and sultry and sensuous.
Driving around today has been a perfectly free feeling experience.


kidletsmum said...

You should turn that letter into a petition. I'd sign. I gave up on finding a dress for the family wedding I'm going to this weekend. I'm wearing a jumpsuit that I've had for awhile. I found it at Le Chateau of all places. About 3 years ago. I'm too short for everything in that store, so I had to get it hemmed. Yeah, while I think about it, could you ask those dress makers to sew for short women too? Short women with breasts? We exist and we want pretty clothes!!!

Maggie said...

Big assed women have the same problem. I gave up trying to find dresses that fit a long time ago. ;)