Sunday, September 17, 2006

Aaron Sorkin TV

The first 5 minutes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip premiere this evening reminded me of why I loved the first 2 seasons of The West Wing. After 9/11 West Wing fell apart a bit for me. It became a little too safe and patriotic. I stopped watching. Maybe that went away when there was more Presidential misbehaviour to critique. I don't know. But, when the show was first on it was brilliant. It was cutthroat. It was no holds barred. The characters, the dialogue, the situations, the way the show took what was happening in the real world and presented an alternate possible reality - it was genius. It took aim at some of those things that complacent popular culture ignores. And I think this show is going to do just that again.

Set in a backstage world that curiously resembles "Saturday Night Live", we're dealing with the ills of television rather than politics, but the drive to make the world of the story better is still here. And, the characters and cast look like they are going to be fantastic. With headliners Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing from Friends) and Bradley Whitford (Josh Lyman from West Wing) as best friends and a writing directing team we meet two appealing, troubled, interesting, and great together characters. They seem so close that you kind of want to be their friend too, but not really, because you know you could never keep up, so you just want to see what they'll say next. And the rest of the cast looks like it is going to be excellent too. I'm especially happy to see Timothy Busfield, who played Danny Concannon on West Wing. What a great character actor - so dry and sardonic and likeable.

I can't remember the last time an episode of a TV show was this satisfying. Now it is just going to be hard to wait until next week for the next episode.


Maggie said...

Yeah, I watched it last night too and really enjoyed it. The other new show I enjoyed was 'Men in Trees.' :D

MadJenny said...

oh! I missed that one. But I've read good things about it. Have to try to catch it this week.