Tuesday, September 05, 2006

5 and a half foot waves!

Well, this last summer cottage weekend proved an exciting one. Lake Simcoe is known for its wildness, but Saturday it outdid itself. And boy, was it fun! Just like playing in the ocean, but with fewer scary creatures and less undertow. In water that is usually halfway up my thighs there were waves coming over my head! These pictures were taken after the rain stopped and the wind calmed a bit, so it doesn't do real justice to it, but believe me, some excellent jumping fun was had by all!

By Sunday the weather had calmed down enough that my grandparents decided to make the trip up for the day. Sadly, it was still too chilly for my Ma to sit outside, but she did bundle up for a walk down to look at the lake. How cute are they?

This weekend will also go down in history as the one where I learned poker! Sort of. My face still won't particularly play along and behave itself in not being quite as expressive as it wants to be. But, I did learn the rules and such, and even won a hand or two. And, while I can see how it is fun, I'm not so sure I could ever become addicted like some people seem to be.

I'm always sad at this time of year that the cottage is coming to an end. It is my safe place. My place to go and be completely me. But, on the other hand, it will be nice to spend more time at home and maybe to actually get the place organized.

Also, I can finally announce that I did get the position I was interviewing for a few weeks ago. I have known for awhile, but I wasn't allowed to say anything until it was announced. That was very hard. Secrets are not my forte and people kept asking (probably because I did not successfully keep it a secret that I was applying). I'm excited. But, also, somewhat nervous about now actually having to do the thing, and do it well. Especially as it is a mat. leave and I need to keep things on a good footing for the Ms. M. who does the job permanently for when she comes back. But, the other exciting thing is that, contrary to what I had originally thought, I actually will get a $1.34/hour raise. Which will definitely help with the caffeine habit. AND, I get to play with some excellent new coworkers who are super cool and fun people! But, not until November. Which is good, but which also kind of sucks because it means that I still have to take care of the program I hate and fear most in the world (initials R.B. for those who are curious) this Fall at my current branch.


Maggie said...

My daughter would've liked those 5 foot waves for surfing! ;)

MadJenny said...

Ya - she probably could have done a little lake surfing on that surf board that fits in your Betty! If she didn't mind the rain. There was a person sailing in a little tiny boat at top speed which looked fun.