Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Well, this is bizarre

Another blog I read introduced this fantastic little "Celebrity Look-a-likes" thingamugig. Being a sucker for quizzes and stupid online timewasters, I immediately resolved to jump on board.

So, first I tried with a relatively nice picture, and got these respectable results:

Then, feeling saucy, I tried with the photo I posted yesterday:

Gah!!! So much for shades hiding a multitude of sins! I'm off to eat a bat.


Maggie said...

Peter Ustinov?! How in the world did they get Peter Ustinov?!

MadJenny said...

I have no idea. Maybe the long thin nose?
That's almost more insulting than the Ozzy isn't it? At least he can be put down to the sunglasses (I hope).
I do kind of like the idea of looking like Kim Jong II and also Madonna or Ozzy - probably the first time they've EVER had anything in common!

kidletsmum said...

I don't see it. Maybe that's what happens for everyone in shades? Gonna go try for myself...