Sunday, August 13, 2006

Queen of Babble

And now for something completely fluffy...

Queen of Babble, by Meg Cabot

I listened to this in the car for the last few days. I'm glad I didn't waste good reading time on it, but it was good fun for the car. Meg Cabot, queen of teen girly noveldom, ventures into the adult market with Queen of Babble. What results is a hybrid Princess Diaries/Shopaholic/Can You Keep a Secret. In other words, Meg Cabot seems to have been reincarnated as Sophie Kinsella. Although the heroine is perhaps slightly less cringe-worthy than Kinsella's usually become.

Our main character is Lizzie Nichols, a young woman just out of college who can't keep a secret, and who can't keep her mouth shut. We meet her as she's preparing to travel to England to spend time with her boyfriend, who happens to be British, in London. As one would guess, things do not go well, and Lizzie finds herself on an adventure to a chateau in the South of France, where one thing and another happens, and the story, like all good romantic comedies ends in romantic bliss. As Oscar Wilde's Miss Prism teaches us, the good end happily and the bad unhappily, and that is the definition of fiction.

As usual for me with romantic comedies and chick lit, I was disgusted by the heroine's many failings, rather liked the romantic lead, and couldn't figure out what he saw in her anyway. Still, a fun little story, and maybe worth a listen or a look when you're up for something light.


ru said...

grit bigot!

MadJenny said...


I will have you know that I have tried Grits in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Not a Tennesseean Grit in the lot. Still yucky.

So there!
Take that!

8i9()+ I|\|d33d!

ru said...

that was ph0cKi|\| 93\|\1u5 l337!
i take it all back!!

MadJenny said...


I feel redeemed.

I am open to believing that grits cooked in Texas are entirely different to grits cooked on the east coast if it makes you feel any better.

P.S. l33+ 5p34k is hard! It takes forever!