Saturday, August 26, 2006

LOTR - The Musical!

So last night, I went to see Lord of the Ring: The Musical! This is ironic because, when it was first announced, I had hours of fun (well, maybe more like minutes) dreaming up all the ridiculous ways such a musical could be created. Just think of the possibilities for a moment – a standard vaudeville routine starring Merry and Pippin, complete with bowler hats and canes. A romantic quartet with Arwen and Aragorn, and Faramir and Eowyn, just as Eowyn is transferring her romantic attentions from Aragorn to Faramir. Or, my personal favourite, a dramatic trio starring Gandalf, Saruman, and “The Eye” in three separate spotlights on the stage singing about the ills of being an incredibly powerful wizard. The possibilities seemed endless, and silly. How could a 1000 page epic book be turned into a three hour theatrical event?

But then, a friend of mine from high school got a role in the ensemble. So, I had to change my tune a little.

But then the cheapest tickets were $90. Friendship or no. That was a problem.
But then it didn’t do well and prices went down.
But then I suffered from lethargy.
But then they announced that the show was closing sooner than expected.

So. Last night. I was there. And it was surprisingly good. The sets were unbelievable, beautiful, and mechanical wonders. The costumes were lovely. The special effects were amazing. I particularly liked how they worked the black riders and the orcs. The black riders were strange stilt and cloth creations that were truly frightening, and the orcs were really cool. Some of them were on bouncy pogo-stick like legs and did crazy acrobatics, and some of them had sticks on their arms that they used to fights and to move around on all fours.

The story was compressed to the extent that, if I hadn’t read the book 3gazillion times and seen the movies, I might have been quite lost. The music wasn’t particularly memorable, although I did enjoy it at the time.

Michael Therriault, the actor who played Gollum was truly amazing. I’ve seen him before in various standard repertoire Shakespeare, Wilde, and etc., plays, since he used to be at Stratford. I’ve always thought we was wonderful. But in this, he was simply outstanding!

As for my friend. I’m sure he was on stage and wonderful. But, with all the crazy costumes and make-up, I have no idea which of the many elves, riders, orcs, warriors, etc., he was. Oh well. They were all wonderful at their various bits of physical theatre.

I think they are out of the cheapest seats, but you can still get $60 tickets for the next 10 or 11 days. If you have a free night, and you’re a fan, it might be worth going.

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Maggie said...

Oh, I wish I could go, but it's not going to happen. My daughter got to see it, though.