Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Horrifying but true

I just survived a horrifying assault by a well-wisher. Scary but true.

To preface, I am 5'4" and wear a size 10. I have no idea what I weigh. When I started working 2 and a bit years ago I wore a size 6. So, I've gained some weight. But, I am by no means in imminent danger of dying from obesity related illnesses.

This evening at the library I was approached by a retired lady who likes to tell me about how busy she is, and about her ongoing recovery from a small bumper to bumper car accident she was in earlier this year. So, I braced myself to smile and nod and act sympathetic. She got off to a good start. Her physiotherapy is going well. She has some new stretches. She's been spending time with her grandchildren. Her weight-loss is going well, and the doctor was pleased at her physical. She’s discovered a new health supplement called "Noni" (with which I am also familiar).


“when people are overweight, especially around the waist like you are, they have to be very careful of their blood sugar”.

Followed by almost half an hour on how she lost weight (she's still heavier than me) and begging me to get going doing the same. She wouldn’t leave until I promised to read some information she’s going to bring me next week, so that I can get started on my weightloss immediately.

Horrifying! How come people think it is ok to talk to people like this? How come they think they can go around telling people that they are fat?

And to top it off, I am very emotional because of PMS. So, I held it together when I was talking to her, but then I had to go in the back and lock myself in the bathroom for awhile.

It is things like this that make me hate working with the public.


Maggie said...

That's terrible! I had a few whacky customers like that when I worked at the bookstore. My co-worker and I would use our cell phones to get rid of them. If one of the whack jobs came in, one of us would talk to him/her and the other would go to the back of the store with our cell phone and call the store. Then we'd keep talking till whacky person got bored and left.

ru said...

you should garner some of that jehovah's witnesses materials that used to float around the break room at wo and tell her you will read her weight stuff if she will read your "true message!"

i swear.

when e and i open our "closed to the public" pulic library, do you want to be the youth services non-librarian? we could use someone with your experience!!

MadJenny said...

Would that entail not collecting for the non-collection? Would I run anti-programs? Would we use non-public service?

If so, I'm in!

kidletsmum said...

that's brutal!!! what a whacko!!!! should i fly over and kick some senior citizen a$$???