Saturday, August 19, 2006

Home Run

Home Run, by Paul Kropp

And to round out my day of books about sex, we have Home Run. A book that is most assuredly not about baseball. I give you porn for 13 year-olds - a book the author recommends for the age 15 and up audience.

YA/Canadian/maybe qualifies as "lad-lit".

Home Run is actually not due in stores or libraries until October. So don't all rush out and look for it now. If you're desperate to read it in advance of that day, you can borrow my advance reader copy. It's autographed!

This is a sequel to 2005's Running the Bases. We meet up with main character Alan Macklin as he is on his way to his first year at university. The whole novel is about his ongoing attempts to "get laid" as he navigates the pains and joys of university life. With a born-again Christian roommate, and his own hang-ups about his body and his abilities, all his attempts seem doomed to failure. It sounds terrible. It sounds trashy. It sounds like the teenage boy version of a bodice-ripper. It's actually so light-hearted and the characters are so genuine that I quite enjoyed the book. I don't know that I'll want to read it again. I do know that I'll make sure to have it in the library.


kidletsmum said...

"lad lit"-- I love it!

MadJenny said...

Cute isn't it. I read it somewhere and knew I had to find somewhere to use it.

Maggie said...

"lad lit"-- I love it!"

Me too! I think you've just coined a new phrase. ;)

MadJenny said...

I wish I could take credit for "lad lit"!

I got it from an article in the newspaper. One of those awful ones that have been everywhere lately about men not reading as much fiction as women I think.

Apparently Nick Hornby is one of the leading lights of the "Lad Lit" genre. Some of his books are great.