Monday, August 21, 2006

Frivolously bloggish

My cousin is getting married this September. He and his fiancee are having a pirate theme for the wedding. Which is awesome! And, we get to go to the wedding in fancy dress pirate gear! Too exciting!

Anyway, while I was looking up some links to send my aunt with pirate sayings and vocabulary, I came across this fantastic little site:
Not only can it translate your website or text into Buccaneer, it can also do Swedish Chef!

So, check this action out:

Me c'usin be gettin' married this September. He an' his fiancee be havin' a pirate theme fer the weddin'. Which be awesome! Shiver me timbers!! An', we get t' go t' the weddin' in fancy dress pirate gear! Too excitin'!

Swedish Chef:
My coousin is getteeng merried zeees September, um de hur de hur! He-a und hees fiooncee-a ure-a hefing a peerete-a zeeme-a fur zee-a veddeeng. Vhich is ivesume-a! Und, ve-a get tu gu tu zee-a veddeeng in fooncy dress peerete-a geer! Too ixciteeng!

Our coussin isss getting married thisss September. He and hisss fiancee are having a pirate theme for the wedding. Which isss awesome, precious! And, we get to go to the wedding in fancy dressss pirate gear! Too exciting, precious!

Daffy Duck:
My couthin ith gettin' married thith Theptember. He and hith fianthee are havin' a pirate theme for the weddin'. Which ith awithome! And, we get to go to the weddin' in fancy drith pirate gear! Too exthitin'!

L33t Sp3A<:
My c0u51n 15 g3tt1ng marr13d th15 53pt3mb3r. H3 and h15 ph1anc33 ar3 hav1ng a p1rat3 th3m3 ph0r th3 w3dd1ng. Wh1ch 15 aw350m3! And, w3 g3t t0 g0 t0 th3 w3dd1ng 1n phancy dr355 p1rat3 g3ar! T00 3xc1t1ng!

And there are others. So funny.

In other news:

To make up for the fact that the YA book I'm currently reading (and required to finish) is deadly dull, I've also been rereading The Mists of Avalon. I am amazed, reading this again, at the huge undertaking that novel was. The breadth and depth of the detail, the size, the descriptions, the situating of the story world within the real world and within various mythologies and religions. What a great book.

And, I've been listening to Kathy Reichs newest book in the car, and I'd like to take this moment to mention that she's a great forensics type writer. Her main character is a forensic anthropologist (the TV show Bones is based on it) and the mysteries are always gripping and entertaining. I've never actually read the books, just listened to them. But, I quite like them.

Also, I had an interview today, and ever since I left I've been thinking of all the great things I should have said, but didn't. Grrrr. I wish I could rewind and do it again, this time wowing them with all the great things I failed to say the first time. Or maybe I don't. One interview was tortuous enough to last for quite some time. Another good reason to find a job you like and stick with it.

Oh, and for the interview I wore high heels for the first time in months. My feet hurt! I've decided I'm much happier being a slob than being stylish. Back to the flat sandals from now on.


Maggie said...

I didn't know 'Bones' was based on the Kathy Reichs' novels. I like that show! Now, I'll probably have to read the books too.

Okay, a pirate wedding. That is too cool! You're going to have to post pictures on that one.

kidletsmum said...

I hope you get the job!!! You'd be great at it! I'm like you, I always think of oodles of fabulous things to say AFTER my interview is over... I hate interviews!!!

I linked to your blog from mine... I hope that's okay. Better to beg forgiveness... right???!

MadJenny said...

kjb - I totally linked yours without even checking! Sorry about that. Hope YOU don't mind.

You're absolutely welcome to link to mine.

ru said...

|\/|j h3r0!

j00 r0ck!!!

kidletsmum said...

heck no i don't mind... i hadn't noticed that you had... i'm such a dunce!!!