Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fairy Rebel

The Fairy Rebel, by Lynne Reid Banks


Lynne Reid Banks is one of those authors that people think of as good - probably because of The Indian in the Cupboard. I don't actually think I enjoyed The Indian in the Cupboard as a kid, and I haven't reread it as an adult, so I'm not sure. Anyway, the library's copy of The Fairy Rebel was old and ugly, so I weeded it. But then I thought that maybe I should order a replacement copy since it was a Lynne Reid Banks book, and Lynne Reid Banks is "good". Well, I decided to bring the gross looking book home to read, and I'm glad I did because it is awful. It is boring, and it is bad. Plus, I work in an area with a lot of Sikhs and there is a Sikh in the book who is described in very derogatory terms.

The plot is that there is a young woman who was a beautiful actress. Then, she was in an accident and had a limp. She was so embarrased that she would not leave the house. But, she was lonely and she wanted a child. Then one day she met a fairy who decided to help her. But, the fairy Queen did not like that. And on it goes. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Definitely not recommended. There are many far better fairy-human relations stories out there. Read one of them.


Maggie said...

That's weird to have the main character be an adult in a younger children's novel. That would turn me off right there.

ru said...

at least you did not replace it!

studies show that librarians who find after the fact that the book they were considering replacing but did not was bad report higher job satisfaction than those who order indiscriminately!

MadJenny said...

Maggie - I think that might have been a large part of the problem. And she wasn't even a fun or really child friendly adult.

ru - studies find that librarians who spend most of their time making up and/or reading reports of fake studies report a higher chance of being caught giggling to themselves by coworkers. This has got to stop! But, who can stop? It's fun.

kidletsmum said...

studies have also shown that you are a super wonderful person who writes a great, fun to read blog!