Saturday, August 19, 2006

The dreaded 100 things list

So KJB got me thinking about this when she posted her 100 things list. Now, when I'm procrastinating while doing some work that really needs doing for Monday, I've finished mine and decided to post it. Why not. It seems to be a blogger's right of passage to do one of these things. Feel free to not read it, these lists are loooooong.

  1. Contrary to popular opinion, my favourite colour is not pink, it is yellow. I just can’t wear yellow. But I love it. Yellow flowers, yellow walls, yellow food, everything.
  2. My all time favourite movie is “Singin’ in the Rain”.
  3. My most favourite book in the world is “Pride and Prejudice”. It contains the perfect combination of romance and humour. It’s perfectly enjoyable to read again and again and again.
  4. I don’t like peas. Apparently I did like them as a child. But the texture! Yuck!
  5. I loooove raspberries. And wild blueberries with peaches. And most summer fruit.
  6. Until last year, I’d read “The Lord of the Rings” about once a year since I was 11. Then with the movies I got a little LOTR’d out.
  7. I still aspire to be an elf in my next life.
  8. I’d be more likely to be a hobbit. That wouldn’t be so bad though. They get to be funny and cute and eat a lot. And live in houses with round doors. I love the round doors. We should have round doors. Think how much easier it would be to get couches and other furniture moved through round doors.
  9. I’m a Capricorn.
  10. Various tests tell me the following important things: Myers-Briggs – INFJ; True Colours – Green, followed closely by blue; Enneagram type – 5. In other words I’m an introvert intellectual type with a nurturing side.
  11. I have a B.A. in Contemporary Studies and History. Where I focussed on theories of otherness (mostly women and post-colonial theory, with a little post-Holocaust thought on the side) and African history.
  12. I went to University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. If my family lived in that province it would be the perfect place to live.
  13. I have a Masters degree in library science.
  14. I work as a children’s and teens’ librarian. That’s my current work. It does not define me.
  15. I hated teen lit as a teen. Now, I can’t get enough of it.
  16. I chose my apartment because it has old fashioned radiators. I like to toast my socks on them in the winter.
  17. Also because it has a milk bottle delivery door in the wall. Sadly it is painted shut. But it is still there and that is cool.
  18. I’m a closet hypochondriac. If I have a cold I think its pneumonia. If my foot goes to sleep it’s MS…. Etc.
  19. I danced ballet competitively until I was 13 and my body got too curvy for comfort.
  20. By the time my brother was 5 he was a better dancer than me (at 12).
  21. I almost chose to study acting and/or musical theatre in college/university. I decided I couldn’t hack the rejection intrinsic in the actor’s audition process.
  22. I used to want to be a costume designer. The costume warehouse at Stratford is one of my favourite places in the world.
  23. I sew, knit, and do beading – but not super well.
  24. I like to start crafty projects. I rarely finish them.
  25. My favourite comfort meal in the world is roast chicken with homemade stuffing, with potatoes and carrots roasted in the chicken pan.
  26. I love chocolate zucchini cake. That’s right. Chocolate cake with zucchini in it. It is heavenly.
  27. I used to be a relatively hard-core left-wing activist.
  28. I was once involved in a scuffle with the R.C.M.P. at a rally. I got picked up and thrown by a police officer. That was exciting.
  29. I think sheep are incredibly funny animals.
  30. My family and I regularly burst into 4 part harmony song at the dinner table. Luckily I’m the soprano, so I don’t have to remember anything but the melody.
  31. I’m a Bacteriaphobe
  32. But my apartment’s a mess.
  33. I love movie musicals, and would rather watch a Fred and Ginger movie than most of the latest blockbusters.
  34. My brothers and I like to re-enact funny song and dance routines from movie musicals. Our best numbers are the Fred and Judy medley from “Easter Parade” and several of the songs from “White Christmas” (the boys do a stunning rendition of the “sisters” number. We’re also quite partial to doing the voices from the original “Bye Bye Birdie” and “The Music Man”. We’re nerds and we’re proud.
  35. As a child one of my favourite games involved my father playing the beginning of various songs on the piano and me trying to guess which song it was within the first few bars.
  36. I’ve been in love with Colin Firth since 1995 when he portrayed Mr. Darcy in the BBC/A&E “Pride and Prejudice”. Why aren’t real men like that?
  37. I used to have an imaginary friend called Judy.
  38. Judy put on shows called “Judy on Stage”
  39. Many kind people sat through these shows.
  40. When I was in school there were 5 other girls in my class with my first name. One of them even had the same last initial. Then, when I was in University, there was a girl with my exact name who was also a student. You can imagine the confusion that caused. Never give your children popular names.
  41. I’m cripplingly shy.
  42. I used to get sick before I was supposed to go to parties with people I didn’t know. I still can’t eat before them.
  43. When I was 16 I got my braces taken off, and then they were put on again. That was torment.
  44. Llamas are almost as funny as sheep.
  45. I’d like to run in a marathon.
  46. I can’t really run.
  47. Uniforms, especially army uniforms, make me nervous.
  48. I’d like to have about 4 children
  49. I don’t want to be a single mom.
  50. So kids are a long way off.
  51. My brothers, father and I communicate largely through quotes from movies and plays. My mom gets in on the action for Oscar Wilde and Jane Austen only.
  52. Compliments make me uncomfortable.
  53. I’m way more sensitive than most people know.
  54. For some reason goats are NOT as funny as sheep.
  55. I can’t understand prejudices like homophobia and racism. I get them intellectually to an extent, but I can’t figure out the mindset.
  56. Fundamentalism of any kind is also beyond me.
  57. My middle name is Ellen. After my great grandmother. Also, it is about halfway between my two grandmothers’ names: Helen and Elaine.
  58. I believe in past lives.
  59. I think (and I do have good reasons for this) that I was a slave in Greece around 500 B.C.
  60. I love being in the water. I love swimming and long baths. I feel most comfortable in water. Maybe I was a fish or mermaid in one life?
  61. I find the ocean, especially the North Atlantic when the waves are crashing against the rocks, incredibly energizing.
  62. I’m an unabashed feminist.
  63. I’m still waiting for my knight in shining armour.
  64. I’m a romantic and a dreamer.
  65. I love old houses. They are much more alive than new houses.
  66. Of the countries I’ve visited so far Scotland and Greece are my favourites. They are both wild and mountainous and unpredictable. They both have incredible histories about which their people are passionate.
  67. I get star struck when I meet my favourite authors. When I met Tamora Pierce I actually couldn’t say anything except “thank you”. And even that was a struggle.
  68. The sound of sports announcers doing colour commentary puts me to sleep.
  69. When I was little I had posters of Karen Kain all over my walls. Now she’s my brother’s boss.
  70. I have no hand-eye coordination.
  71. I find it incredible that anyone would vote for George Bush (Sr. or Jr.) or Stephen Harper.
  72. I generally vote N.D.P.
  73. I mourn the loss of the Rhinoceros Party and the Flying Yogi people. Whatever happened to funny politics?
  74. During elections I turn into a political junky, and actually watch voting night as many people do the Superbowl or the Oscars.
  75. I’m an emotional eater.
  76. I worked security in a bar for 2 years. Yep, that’s right. Little old me was a bouncer.
  77. I think Stephen Lewis is probably the greatest living Canadian.
  78. I think all wars are evil incarnate (not the soldiers required to fight, but the actual war. The soldiers are, of course, brave people doing a terrible job that I could never do).
  79. I don’t understand why people are more afraid of the terrorist threat than of the fact that our world is heating up too fast, that AIDS is becoming a far worse pandemic than even the black death, that when our children grow up the world might be too toxic for them to actually live healthily in it, that we’re producing more garbage than can be dealt with, that we’re using power resources too fast, that when the Avian bird flu does finally become a human pandemic it will kill more people than the Spanish Flu did in 1918-19 (doctors know this and can’t stop it), that obesity in children is becoming far too much the norm and they will grow up unhealthy…
  80. I seem to know an embarrassing amount about certain classic film stars but couldn’t name most of the people on the current top ten music charts.
  81. My grandmother’s favourite actress is Audrey Hepburn, especially in “Roman Holiday”. I think she has great taste.
  82. I think there’s something repugnant about the incredibly over-privileged lives of most of the children I work with on a daily basis. Not that my childhood wasn’t privileged. It was. But there are limits.
  83. Part of me wants to quit my job and go to Africa where there are real people in need of real service. But the rest of me realizes that I don’t have the skills they need, and actually finds that prospect too terrifying to deal with.
  84. I think that the WTO and IMF are two of the most evil organizations in the history of the world.
  85. I have been told that my temper is scary. I’m working on that.
  86. I have never once smoked a cigarette, and that makes me happy.
  87. I secretly want to be a lady Knight or a Buccaneer. I plan to take archery lessons at some point.
  88. I love pre-Raphaelite art, especially the Camelot related works.
  89. I can’t go to big rock concerts because the crowds and noise cause me to have panic attacks.
  90. Walmart or Home Depot on a Saturday can have almost the same effect. As does the mall at Christmas time.
  91. I’d rather hang out with my immediate family than most other people.
  92. I tend to prefer wild flowers to cultivated ones.
  93. Birds scare me a bit. Dogs terrify me.
  94. I was raised Anglican. Now I’m questioningly spiritual and find that I don’t particularly like organized religion.
  95. I’m thinking of joining a church so I can be in a choir.
  96. I rather like carpentry and doing mechanical things. I think I get this from my great great grandfather who was a piano maker, and from my great grandfather who was the engineer who designed the Toronto Island Ferry.
  97. I generally have music playing in my head.
  98. My all-time favourite activists are the Raging Grannies. The Nova Scotia Grannies showed me a lot about being a powerful woman.
  99. I’m always on the lookout for an entrance to Faerie.
  100. When I was little my mother’s friend (who had a son my age) gave me a “Little Miss Bossy” book. And she meant it.


kidletsmum said...

You were a bouncer!? Wow!!! I also love chocolate zucchini cake... especially with chocolate cream cheese icing! Yum! I also vote NDP and am an unabashed feminist. I could say more... but then it would be a long, long, long comment!!!

Maggie said...

You know, I believe in past lives too. I always feel I had a medieval one (or a few).

"I get star struck when I meet my favourite authors. When I met Tamora Pierce I actually couldn’t say anything except “thank you”. And even that was a struggle."

LOL. Someday I'll have to tell you my fangirly Kenneth Oppel moments. ;)

MadJenny said...

Maggie - I love Kenneth Oppel! I'd be totally embarassing if I ever met him.
Princess Pawn was a Red Maple book the same year as Airborn wasn't it?
Still haven't read "Skybreaker". Must get on that.

Kjb - I didn't know that other people actually ate Chocolate zucchini cake! And I've never tried it with cream cheese icing. That sounds good. I usually just have plain white icing. Which is also pretty yummy.

Maggie said...

Yes, Ken was in the Red Maples with me with 'Airborn', and, yes, you *HAVE* to read 'Skybreaker'. I think I liked it even better than 'Airborn'!