Sunday, July 30, 2006

Resumes and grandmothers

Well, I spent about 5 hours this weekend updating my resume, writing a cover letter, and re-updating my resume. That's hard work! I think the major problem is that I don't actually have as much related experience as the position in question calls for, and trying to make yourself sound super qualified is difficult. But the thing is, it is only for a temporary mat-leave coverage position, which would be a temporary promotion. But, since I'm at a more advanced pay level in my current position than I would be in that position, I wouldn't even get a pay raise should I get the job. So, is it even worth it? Probably, for the sake of experience. Also, for the sake of change as I'm feeling quite restless.

Strangely, it was much easier a month or so ago when I rewrote and organized a coworkers resume and created multiple cover letters for her for several different positions. Was it because I cared less about someone else's resume? I don't like to think so. I hope I did well by her. She got interviews. Maybe it's that I could be more objective about someone else's experience and qualifications.

Anyway, I just printed off nice clean copies of the resume and cover letter on nice thick paper. And that is that.

Now the question is, who do I get to be a reference for me, since the person who was my supervisor for the first 2 of my 2.5 years of work just got fired? Very sticky.

This weekend I also finished yet another Madeleine L'Engle book, which I think is the last of those I brought home. The Arm of the Starfish is an exciting thriller with Meg and Calvin as grown-ups on the periphery of the action.

This Saturday was my grandmother’s 86th birthday. She’s almost died several times in the last couple years and has been in and out of hospital. But, this Thursday she was at home and sitting at the table enjoying herself when we went to dinner to celebrate. That was an excellent thing to see. Better yet, she’s scheduled to visit the cottage for a day next weekend if she’s up to the car ride. She used to spend all summer at the cottage and I think she misses it, so that will be great. It will be great for my grandfather too. He’s 89 and his father built the place when my grandfather was a little boy, so he really really misses being there. Cross your fingers for good weather.


kidletsmum said...

I hope your grandma has a great time!
Did D get fired? What position are you applying for?

MadJenny said...

Thanks! I hope she does too.

Yes about D - or "reorganized" at least. She is persona non grata at the moment. Which kind of stinks for her and for me ( to put it selfishly).

M's mat leave is already posted. So, m's position. Which shows more forethought than one is used to on an organizational front I think.

kidletsmum said...

poor D! wow, they're cleaning house. i think you will definitely get m's position. you'd be perfect for it!

all this firing makes me nervous. not that my job is at stake anymore... but yikes!

MadJenny said...

Thanks! I think I might have some competition for it though.

I know what you mean about the nervous - that's one reason I'm planning to stay in Unionized positions as long as possible - it's harder to get rid of you there.

ru said...

as m's other half, i too believe that you should definitely throw your hat in the ring.

as for references... there is adv. and can you use colleagues? 'cause i am pretty sure that you could count on myself and e...

MadJenny said...

The hat has officially been thrown!

I'm definitely asking adv. I'm not sure if colleagues are allowed. I'll ask adv. If they are, then thanks! I'll take you both up on that!