Wednesday, July 12, 2006


So the question now becomes - is this blog simply a book review blog? Or, do I also write other bloggish things here? I thought I'd give that a try and see what happens. But, what do I have to say?

Last week I installed my first window air conditioning unit (with a little help on the heavy lifting front) and for the first time in years I am basking in a cool apartment during a humid and yucky July Toronto day. It is delightful. It feels wrong somehow to be so comfortable. I feel like I should be in a heat induced stupor whenever I am at home. And I'm not!!! I'm awake!!! But what am I doing to the environment???

Last week I also went to see The Devil Wears Prada which was actually quite enjoyable, and reinforced my conviction that Meryl Streep is universally brilliant and godlike. Anne Hathaway wasn't bad either, and made some small steps towards redeeming herself for having played in the shocking and horrifying filmic butchering of Ella Enchanted that came out a couple years ago. Why film companies think that they have to turn every excellent literary heroine into a Barbie doll is beyond me. (Speaking of which, everyone should go out right and borrow Ella Enchanted - the book - from their closest library because it is fantastic). I have not yet read The Devil Wears Prada - the book - but the consensus so far seems to be that the movie is more enjoyable anyway.

Speaking of movies, a travesty recently occurred with very little media attention here in Toronto. Three of the cities rep cinemas closed their doors - including my local - the wonderful, the ancient, the dilapidated, the glorious, the cheap, the friendly, the close to my house - Kingsway theatre. There is now no cinema in walking or easy busing distance to me. There is no cinema to attend that does not cost an arm and a leg, or indeed, one's firstborn. There is no cinema that will be showing quirky, foreign, or little known films. What is a girl to do?

I'm feeling nervous about posting this, but here goes.


Maggie said...

I don't mind reading personal content in someone's blog. I'm probably the wrong person to comment, though, as I'm a blog-reading addict. Heh. Heh. ;)

Congrats on the A/C! I couldn't survive in London without it. :)

MadJenny said...

Awesome! I think I will continue to blog about bloggish things when the fancy strikes. Not sure how often though.

The A/C has been a life saver this week. I don't think I'd have slept at all some of those nights without it.

I lived in London one summer and I can't get over how humid that place gets. The temperatures are about the same as here, but the air is so heavy!