Wednesday, July 05, 2006

All In

All In, by Monique Polak


This is billed as a "cautionary tale". I think that is why I am not so sure about whether or not I liked it. It is successful as a "cautionary tale". I'm not so sure whether it is successful as an enjoyable read.

All In is the story of a privileged teen in Montreal who gets caught up with gambling, and especially Internet gambling, loses lots of money, and then has to resort to less that moral and ethical behaviour to get the money back. It was well written and a tightly woven narrative. I just didn't much enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I just read "All In" for my Young Adult Literature class. I felt fairly old as I compared this particular novel to the literature I read as a YA. The books I read never mentioned technology. It can really change the dynamic of a story when finding out the phone number of a lawyer's client is as easy as searching on a Blackberry or finding an online gambling site takes seconds - if these events are more difficult, it would of resulted in more tension to the novel. It was interesting to read a novel about the Internet, C++, online gambling and clothing products like Seven. I chose "All In" because I rarely read books geared to males as a YA and I often read things set in the past.
On another note I found Todd's first person narrative of his addiction to gambling too rational and too easily resolved.

Thanks for the review,