Friday, June 16, 2006

Snow - by Tracy Lynn

The story I'm working on writing is a Snow White retelling for the tween audience. Needless to say, I've been reading up on other fairy tale retellings for tween and YA readers.

Snow, by Tracy Lynn

This is an interesting take on the Snow White theme. I can't say that I truly liked it. Perhaps I admired it. I probably won't read it again.

In this story, our main character is called Jessica. As in most Snow White tales, her mother has died and her father ignores her - until he remarries. Jessica happily grows up amongst the servants until the fateful day that her stepmother arrives. At first, everything seems fine, but the stepmother does try to change her. In this story, the stepmother seems to be a scientist and inventor who publishes her works under a male pseudonym. She doesn't get witchy until she starts going crazy trying to become pregnant.

The father's wedding present to the stepmother is a violinist - a resident artist - she puts him under a spell and he takes on the role of the magic mirror. In this case he holds the mirror and must answer all of her questions truthfully. It is also the violinist who helps Jessica - now called Snow - to escape when the stepmother hires an assassin.

Jessica finds herself homeless and destitute in London when she comes upon a family of half animal half human freaks who live by stealing in the dark. She becomes their servant and their friend. Perhaps unsurprisingly the freaks turn out to be the truest and best friends - the most unfreakish - characters Snow has ever met.

There are some clever twists, and some interesting passages, but on the whole, I cannot recommend Snow.

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