Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Raintree Rebellion

The Raintree Rebellion, by Janet McNaughton

A return to Speculative Fiction - but this time we're definitely in the realms of Sci-fi. An excellent sequel to The Secret Under My Skin, this story takes place in the year 2370 after a technocaust and numerous environmental disasters have changed the world. A Toronto of the future sets the scene for Blake Raintree's journey of discovery as she explores the history and causes of the technocaust and deals with her own feelings of anger, hatred and fear her own victimization in the technocaust caused. As an aide to a member of the council set up to bring about a return of peace and democracy in Toronto, Blake has to face her own very unpeaceful feelings.

This is a really thoughtful and inspiring story, and made me think a lot about my own world and my own reactions to the world around me.

Janet McNaughton must have great range as an author, one of my other very favourite books in the world is also by her. The title is An Earthly Knight and it is a retelling of the Tam Lin story based in a very historical world.

Definitely worth the read!


kidletsmum said...

Hey Jennifer. Is the new McNaughton book better than Secret Under My Skin? I hated that one! Though I'm with you on An Earthly Knight. I thought that one was brilliant! Do tell!!!

MadJenny said...

I liked it better. Definitely. But, it did take some getting into. I'd say it was a slog for the first 50 or so pages and then it was gripping. I thought. Even though it was futuristic she brought in ideas about justice and forgiveness that have resonance for current world political situations, which I thought were intriguing. I'm not sure how much I would have loved it as a teen. Maybe when I was into reading all those distopia things like 1984 and Brave new World, etc.

I love I's picture there, it is precious!