Monday, June 26, 2006

The Princess Mage

The Princess Mage, by Maggie L. Wood

Not another Snow White story, but a complete original set of characters in an original world. This is the second book in a fantastic, and hopefully ongoing series, by Canadian author Maggie L. Wood. The first book is The Princess Pawn. In the Princess Pawn, Willow an ordinary girl in an ordinary modern world discovers that she is actually princess Willow of Mistolear, and that she has been sent out of her own dimension in order to grow up safely. She finds herself back in Mistolear where she must learn to be a princess in a magical land under a fairy curse.

The Princess Mage picks up where the first installment leaves off. This time Willow must travel into the fairy dimension of Clarion to work for the interests of her people. Both books borrow heavily from the game book tradition, in that the characters take part in intricate games designed by the nefarious elves of the Unseelie Court.

There is a lot to these books, and I highly recommend them as wonderful first books by a promising new author.


Maggie said...

Hi MadJenny,

Just wanted to thank you for that great review on my new book 'The Princess Mage'! Thanks so much! I'm adding you to my list of favourite reviewers that I like to read!

MadJenny said...


You're most welcome! I loved the books! It is so exciting to have a real-live author reading my blog!