Monday, June 26, 2006

Born to Rock

Born to Rock, by Gordon Korman

I'm playing a little catch up today on some books that I've read in the last couple of weeks.

An adventure outside of female driven speculative fiction! Born to Rock by Gordon Korman lives up to all expectations of greatness from this fantastic author. A hero of mine since my early reading days I saw the man in person recently when he signed my copy of this super book. That was soooo cool! I only wish I'd had The War with Mr. Wizzle with me.

Born to Rock is narrated by a young man who has been a dedicated young Republican, A student, conservative throughout his High School career. With early acceptance at Harvard, he seems to be following the path of success. But, there is one problem - he has a rogue gene. The McMurphy DNA that causes him to break out of his strict regimen. A story repleat with punks, goths, republicans, puzzle-fanatics, and all of the hilarious characters one can expect from a Gordon Korman story, Born to Rock, tells of how a young republican finds himself facing a cavity search.

Highly recommended.

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