Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Propos of No Snow

Who is this Mad Jenny Flint character, and what is she blogging about?
Mad Jenny is a dashing fairy pirate captain queen trapped in the body of a Canadian librarian. A reader of teen speculative fiction and viewer of far too many movies. Not only am I mad, a pirate, and a fairy ( or fairy friend?), but I am also working on writing my own stories for kids and teens that I hope to publish one day, and thus spend far too much time holed up in my apartment or at the park scribbling away in notebooks that are never shown to anyone -aloneness thus increasing the madness. So. A Blog! To publish! To write something someone might see. Because of Spring Fever. Because there is no snow and the lilacs are out. To adventure on the wild wide sea that is the Internet. Utulien and Avast!

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